Have payment details changed in Joint Accounts?

Looking at Joint Account transactions, we have one payment to our dog walker we make manually as a bank transfer. Through to the end of 2019 they all appear with the reference we add (the dogs names) and the category we set for the payments (Home).

The most recent one, in January 2020, doesn’t show the category icon, even though it’s set, but does show the Dog Walker name, with the reference underneath it.

Has something changed in the app?

I’m pretty sure this is a bug, one I’ve seem mentioned on here a few times. Not 100% sure where though - hopefully someone else can help with that though!


I’ll try and find one and add my comments to that then, thanks.

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Not the most recent one I’ve seen I don’t think, but this looks to be the same issue?

Thanks, have added comment there as it seems to be the most visible bug report on this.

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