Payee name disappears on transaction

Hey everyone (@Paulw)

If you are on the latest app store version (anything newer than 3.13.0) could you try logging out and logging back in again and let me know if the payee details have been recovered?




Since updating the app to 3.13.0 it appears this issue for myself “so far” has been resolved. :crossed_fingers:

@craigj out of interest what was the issue?

Hi Craig

Thanks for getting back. It seems to have resolved itself. I’ll see how it goes but thanks for fixing. It’s a big help.


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I don’t know what the issues was but I nit had monzo long and for me it is all working fine


It was related to how we retrieve data since making some changes as part of SCA (

Logging in again should correctly retrieve the data and override any incorrect information.


Resolved for me and also for someone I know by logging out and in again on latest version of iOS app. Thanks!