Payday Notifications For Faster Payments (Your Salary)

Hi :wave: ,

I’ve been a Monzo customer for over 2 years and have been manually transferring money to my account from another account but have recently taken the step to add my salary to Monzo! :rocket:

However, I recently found out that the payday notification, the “It’s payday! You just got paid X” is only available really for those who get paid via BACs, and like me, you probably get paid via a bank transfer on the Faster Payments Scheme…

If so, then getting paid a day early and this fancy notification isn’t likely going to happen :slightly_frowning_face:

Here’s what I was thinking to improve this feature (some ideas) and make it more accessible for people like me switching to have my salary paid into Monzo from a Faster Payments scheme…

  • Trigger a Payday notification from a specific company whenever the payment is above X.
  • Add this payment as a salary in the Salary Sorter as an incoming payment on payday.
  • Possibly have a salary or income category?

I think there’s been some other mentions of this kind of feature adaptation elsewhere on the Monzo community, but if you agree with these ideas, let’s help get Monzo to see this! :muscle:

It would be so useful!

You will get a notification for any incoming payments already.

Salary sorter is available again for all incoming payments, over £100.

Custom categories like to be “plus” feature


We get basic notifications that someone has paid money into the account, but I’m referring to specifically marking a salary that isn’t a BACs payment as salary meaning it’ll get the Payday notification instead of a generic someone paid X

I think the problem with that is that Monzo don’t know it’s coming in probably the same as card subscriptions, as faster payments generally hit the account as soon as you hit send/confirm :wink:

Absolutely! (this is my point) And that’s the one drawback with faster payments. I wouldn’t mind a notification as and when it happens!

But I’d love to be able to mark it as a salary, and potentially even say for instance… “I get paid by company A, but if they send me money greater than X (set by me) then this is marked as my salary”, it’s not perfect, but it’s a solution to people like me that don’t get paid by BACs

Even for BACs payments it’s marked as finances in categories, it only shows as a “payday” if you use get paid early, so we see that animation a minimum of twice a week :joy: carers allowance, child tax credits.

So no idea if ever same with card subscriptions will this ever happen for faster payments :wink:

Let’s hope that some additional features can be added to support those that don’t get paid via BACs!

If you don’t get paid by BACs, Monzo can’t see it in advance. So you can’t get paid early because Monzo don’t know you’re about to be paid.

You can still salary sort and you can still get a notification when you get paid.

Yeah. Salary sorter works anyway (if the value is high enough) and a notification adds no value to anything and will certainly cost money to implement so I don’t see what is really being looked for here that will benefit either the bank or the customer. Sorry :disappointed:

I’d like this too but it won’t happen. Faster Payments is, by design, not built for ‘planned payments’ (as in they allow the receiving bank to see when it will arrive) even though many banking systems use it for Standing Orders (which ARE planned payments) it’s bonkers.

But it’s not Monzo’s fault.