Pay on the go using Monzo with Apple Pay

(Michael) #127

I think it’d be interesting to see the number of accounts that sign up as a result of this introduction!


I would also be very interested in a number of statistics after the go live. Namely:

New accounts
AP activations
Number of people completing current account switches.

(Nathan) #129

Cheers, ill be sure to try it myself here at lunch.

(Paul) #130

Added to phone and watch. First wage going in in two weeks. Well Monzo for setting this up. I’m excited by the future. :rocket:

(Chinedu Umeh) #131

Any comment on the secrecy/lack of communication or what happened on Tuesday?

(Alex Brooks) #132

When Barclays reissued my card, they updated the card in Apple Pay immediately. Was able to use it before the physical card arrived.

If you freeze your card, will Apple Pay continue working?
(Peter Shillito) #133

On it says:

There is no limit on Apple Pay transactions, but some merchants apply the contactless limit and will only accept payments of up to £30

Unless I’m mistaken, Apple Pay using Apple Watch is always restricted to £30, right?

(Richard Lowe) #134

No, unlimited depending upon merchants terminal

(Matt Foster) #135

Brilliant news! :raised_hands:

Just one quick point, the information on the Apple Pay Monzo page isn’t technically correct. Apple Pay can be used on any Apple Watch paired with iPhone 5 or later


Yay!!! Took 30 seconds to add to my Apple Watch & Phone, no more rummaging in handbag.
Well done Monzo, I don’t know what took so long but am sure you’ve been working hard on this but am interested in knowing. Thanks :princess:t5::smile:

(Alex) #137

They will count as different cards but if you go to and set yourself up and add your Monzo card, then it will go towards your daily/weekly cap I believe.

On my TFL contactless account, any apple pay card shows up as a different one every single time I pay, due to the machine receiving a different unique device identifier every single time, and yet the cap still works - and works whether I use the card on apple pay or physical. Carried on using my HSBC like this since I switched to Monzo two years ago and lost apple pay for the rest of my transactions.

(Aaron Bamford) #138

Great that its finally here!

Can we get a postmortem of what took so long and/or what happened on Tuesday morning?



You just became my main bank. I’m now able to switch to Monzo full time.

Thanks you.

(Sam Phillips) #140

Yaaaaay! This is the main missing feature that has prevented me from using Monzo every day for every transaction. Now I never need to carry my wallet!

Brilliant. :slight_smile:

(Zach Hart) #141

Managed to get it working on my MacBook Pro, too! :smile::ok_hand:t2:


YAAASSS! I’m so happy it’s finally here :slight_smile:

(Jorge) #143

is it a Touch Bar Mac?

(Jarvo) #144

Thank you Monzo for finally launching this. :smile:


Yasssssssssss- Thank you! :raised_hands::fireworks:

(Anthony Philip) #146

Same here, I’ve been Monzofied!