Pay on the go using Monzo with Apple Pay

(Anthony Philip) #147

Mine is and running the latest macOS developer beta

(Mark Edmonds) #148

So you should! Even bought a domain for it!

(Zach Hart) #149

It is indeed! :blush:

(Harry) #150

off topic but would you recommend?


Not if you’re a new customer as you can’t access the app without first activating it using the physical card so you have to wait for that to arrive.

Starling gives you the card details in the app as soon as the account is generated, and let’s you add to Apple Pay from there.

(Jack) #152

They may have changed the process for this now and given users the option to add a card during the sign up workflow.

(Sandeep) #153


(Harvey Long) #154

Looks like its finally time to ditch natwest for good, as you literally have everything and more over Natwest. One proud customer right here. Love you guys at Monzo, keep up the hard work! :heart_eyes:

(James Berry) #156

Fantastic. Finally able to eat lunch (see other thread!).

(Simon Turp) #157

What happened on Tuesday? Am I missing something? :thinking:

(Richard Bairwell) #158

Apple Pay accidentally went live for about 15 minutes on Tuesday before signups were halted. A few (estimated to be 50-100 people) managed to activate it and get Apple Pay on Monzo 2 days early.

(Jack) #159

I’d love to see the CASS switch rate in a few weeks now this feature is launched! :star_struck:
Quite a lot of people on twitter saying this is what they were waiting for before they switched.

(James Berry) #160

Apple pay was briefly activated, some lucky users got access. I got the agreement screen but my card didn’t go through - and I made the quip I was waiting for it to work so I could go buy my lunch…

(Jack) #161

I noticed this earlier in the week, I think it needs to be blocked! :laughing:

(Michael) #162

I promised myself I wouldn’t go to McDonald’s as soon as  Pay launched on Monzo, but I had to make sure it worked! :yum:

(Jorge) #163

Following the thread we could call this McMonzo


ahhh I couldn’t either in the TestFlight version of the app. I just set it manually through wallet app. I also have an Apple Watch :watch:

(Daryl) #165

Infinite money!

(Gareth) #166

Minor annoyance - if you add your card directly via Wallet then the in-app provisioning doesn’t appear to recognise it has already been added. In fact it will let you try to add the card again, although you’ll eventually get an ‘already in wallet’ message.

So, it would be great if the in-app provisioning was fixed to recognise cards added directly to wallet.

(Zach Hart) #167

Totally agree with this. I had the same issue. It isn’t life or death, but I can understand the need to bring it up :slightly_smiling_face: