Pay on the go using Monzo with Apple Pay

(Dan) #106

Looks like Monzo was picked up by TechCrunch again :tada:

(Justin) #107

Fantastic. Very pleased with this, and already started using it. Well done to all who were involved in delivering it :+1:

(Henry G) #108

Result :sunglasses:

Thanks for your continued work!

(Andy) #109

Congrats Monzo. It looks great. The attention to detail is excellent :+1:

(Justin) #110

Time to buy an Apple Watch?

(benjaminlbowles) #111

Does in-app provisioning require the physical presence and activation of the card in order for it to work?\

i.e Apple Pay usage before you receive your card?

(Nathan) #112

Can anybody confirm if this works? @nanos

(Leonard) #113

I’d assume that you’d be able to add your card to Apple Pay through the app before getting it physically but that’s probably one for the team to confirm.


No idea. I use neither Apple nor Monzo :laughing: @Rjevski ?

(Greg Stevenson) #116

Wait, TSB has Apple Pay support? :thinking:


Wow! Finally!:heart_eyes:
Waiting for 3D secure :+1:t2::tada:

(Andre Borie) #118

Pretty sure it worked for me, although I might’ve just accidentally dismissed the notification when unlocking my phone.

(Andre Borie) #119

I use neither Apple nor Monzo

You should. :joy:


Why? Both are “meh” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Andre Borie) #121

:sob: :sob: :sob:

(Kieran McCann ) #122

Yes sir TSB has had ApplePay for a long time.

(Martin Haw) #123

It’ll reset - Keep using your physical card for this week.

(Dan) #124

Confirmed. Always use the same payment method on TfL. Even starting a journey using Apple Pay on iPhone and finishing with Apple Pay on Apple Watch will not work.

(Nigel Jones) #125

Thanks. Was able to add initially to phone… then go back into settings and add to watch. Seemed a bit slow and had one x failure though my WiFi had glitches so understandable. All now setup. Thanks!

In app setup easier than card based (starling does this too)


Same for me. Maybe server was overloaded. Successfully activated without physical card :slight_smile: