Monzo Plus metal card?

Just sign up to Monzo plus and honestly I was hoping there would come out with metal card. Something I’m be happy to paid extra for pre months. Anyway do anyone know if they would metal card in the future???

I would have loved a metal card aswell

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This something Monzo should really consider. There a lot of customer like myself keep asking for this metal card and wouldn’t mind paying extra for this card. Come Monzo be different from all high stress bank and Monzo which sit apart from the rest.

There is indication that they’re working on Monzo Premium which will come with insurance products and a white metal card but it’s been indefinitely delayed due to COVID-19

And it’s going to be much more expensive, probably at least £15/month

Yeah it’ll be Monzo Plus plus another £120 a year to have a metal card collect dust in your wallet instead with Monzo Premium.


I still find the whole concept rather contradictory and confusing on two levels:

  1. I’ve always thought of Monzo as a bank for people who are savvy (or aspire to becoming savvier) with their money, and somehow paying that much extra for a metal card that has little utility seems to go against that

  2. I can’t actually remember last time I used my physical Monzo card. I always use Apple Pay on my watch when buying anything in person. It feels strange to me that people who pay with Monzo might not use Apple Pay or Google Pay on their mobile or watch to pay for transactions. The only time I ever take out my card is on those few occasions iCloud Keychain doesn’t work when I’m buying something online, which is pretty rare


I’m wondering if Monzo will make another thread asking for suggestions on what to call it like they did with Plus.

Then totally ignore the thread again and release it as Premium.

This has been in the app for a few months. Although placeholders I’m guessing that won’t be changing it to Monzo Metal or something else.

<string name="settings_location_based_special_offers_subtitle">For Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium</string>


:thinking: 2020 :thinking: 2019 :thinking: 2018? Think I used an ATM

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Almost two frickin years we’ve been talking about Metal with monzo :sleeping: on it. Anyone remember this back in Aug 2018?

May I ask why you want a metal card? And how much you’d be willing to pay for one?

Could not agree more. If Monzo want to do something disruptive, they should give these out for free as a reward for saving, investing, being an early adopter and/or other financially “good” behaviour.

I know phones/watches/etc/etc are taking over from cards, and Covid has accelerated that. A card to me now feels a lot like a cheque book did in the 90’s - I still need it for a few specific things, and wouldn’t want to be without one (or 6).

All of this said, if Monzo were to do a decent metal card I suspect it would be a “shut up and take my money” situation for a lot of people.

By decent I mean don’t shove a full-face sticker on the back like Curve and Revolut do. These are only their to enable contactless, they look cheap and that’s before they peel off. Apple have it right with Apple Card - non-contactless metal card and phone/watch/whatever for contactless.

Not the OP, but for an all-metal (no contactless) Monzo card, I’d pay £150-200 as a one off.

The rumoured £15/m is fine.


Do you use your card that much? Why do you think a metal card is worth £200? In the real world a metal card isn’t the flashing beacon of wealth and trendiness people on the internet seem to think these are. Nobody actually notices or cares

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As I’d feared :slight_smile: I might go to £50 as a one-off.

Out of interest, what would you pay to replace it if you lost it? That would really sting, right? Is metal card insurance something I should go and pitch on Dragons’ Den? :slight_smile:

Given the reaction to £5/month, Monzo would have to pull something pretty incredible out the bag for £15/month. Nobody else has done this (especially as bundling travel insurance is verging on pointless at the moment).

I don’t get it either but some people use cards for extracurricular activities. (Not me)


Ah, a metal card and then a metal straw so you don’t have to use a banknote, cash is so not woke anyway

But back on metal cards, there was a time when I would’ve spent money on a fancy and/or metal card thinking I’d be the bee’s knees with enough disposable income to pay for a thing I barely use. And then I turned 19 and realised that I could spend that money on so many better things that I actually use


I really don’t get the obsession with a metal card.


I don’t. I think of it as a bank for people who value an easier or nicer banking experience.

Customers will be a mixture of both savvy and naive when it comes to financial judgement, just like the customer base of any other bank.


Apparently you can’t use a metal in a atm machine either as it’ll jam it up and permanently get stuck unsure if it’s true.

But hopefully it’s not too expensive

Until u have one are feel one in your hand maybe you will see the reason with Obsession