Pay on the go using Monzo with Apple Pay

(Dan) #252

Is this only me… but since Apple Pay was launched I haven’t used my actual card at all! Its all been done on Apple Pay :see_no_evil:

(Adam Kendrew) #253

Yep! It’s great not having to take a wallet out with you :raised_hands:

(Mark) #254

I’ve been using it with Starling for the last 6 months and my wallet hasn’t left the house.

However… Starling allows you to access your actual card numbers and security number via the app. Monzo currently have these details starred out. On occasions without my wallet I have been asked to provide these, particularly when ordering online or on the phone. Wasn’t a problem as I could get them from the app on my phone. However if the same happened while using Monzo you would be stuck and need your wallet and physical card to get these numbers. This can be a real pain if you are far from home or at work and your wallet is at home. I have highlighted this and hope it is something they will change.

(Dan) #255

@stirs I store my full card details in 1Password :slight_smile: that’s a work around.


I would suggest a password manager. Having to access the physical card for info and typing them on websites each time is an unnecessary pain.

(Mark) #257

Yeah I get that there are workarounds. I could store the details in notes or password manager - this maybe works for others - but if I have a banking app I like and expect for it to do all the banking things I need it to do without having to use workarounds. That’s maybe just me though.

(Mark) #258

Starling are clearly on to this. So maybe it’s not just me.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #259

I haven’t used my card since Apple Pay but I keep it just in case I need to go back to the time when metal and paper was a thing.

(Rob) #260

I haven’t used my card since Apple Pay, but still take my wallet with me just in case Apple Pay fails or there is a technical glitch at Apple’s end, for example.

(Peter Shillito) #261

while i was in that there london last weekend my phone ran out of battery and my wallet was in my suitcase so i just kept paying for things with my watch. was super handy

(Charlie Kelly) #262

I’d probably guess it was Apple rather than Monzo. I hear they’re very picky when it comes to getting banks on board.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #263

They do. I’ve just spent £95 there using Apple Pay.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #264

Paid £210 using Apple Pay on Thursday in John Lewis.

The woman behind the counter firstly said, “we don’t take Apple Pay.” I pointed at the card reader which had the Apple Pay logo displayed. Woman then said, “what’s Apple Pay?”


Is Contactless Everywhere?
(Ray Singh) #265

Paid £1699 using Apple Pay in Apple Store…It was flawless!

(Paul) #266

I went to pay £40 at ASDA using Apple Pay and then had to ask the cashier to remove some items to under £30 and pay in two payments. Ugh ADSA :roll_eyes:

(Mark) #267

Yeah I had to split my items and go through the till twice once at Asda. They don’t even have an app that you can link your card to and use like Tesco do. Their loss. In Sainsbury’s you can spend over £30.

(Paul) #268

Yeh it’s great that Sainsbury’s does. Weird a big co like ASDA don’t support higher payments. I paid about £200 in Sainsbury’s not long ago and it was great


With Walmart and Sainsbury’s agreeing a merger I wonder what will happen when ASDA and Sainsbury’s become one (apart from a few branches closing and jobs lost) will they all start taking higher value transactions or all end up with the £30 cap!?


Let’s hope it’s not limited to £30! I only use ASDA online but use the local Morrisons which also has no limit


I get no signal in my local Sainsbury’s :cry: