Is Contactless Everywhere?


It’s an urban food takeaway -

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They have nothing else to say. None of the other banks are any different in the current account product, the only difference they have is customer services which range from abysmal (long list) to very good (FirstDirect).

I wish I could convince others about Monzo but I am having a hard time, mostly they don’t understand CASS.

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Which should horrify those behind CASS given its purpose for existing.


contactless has been in the southeast for years, maybe it has only just arrived in the Halifax area :rofl:

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Abroad for MasterCard?

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Claire’s, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Disney Store, Top Shop, Argos (till, locations with self service do on it), Harrod’s… Those are a few I can name that don’t or recently didn’t support contactless.

To clarify, those are places that don’t support it at all. There are far more places without Amex contactless, with a £30 limit, or with a £30 limit on Amex contactless.

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Does John Lewis take Contactless now?

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This is really irritating me at the moment. I’ve seen billboards, TV ads etc. Whoever came up with that campaign is out of touch. How is it even a USP? It’s industry standard at this point.

(Shaun McDonald) #31

I’ve had similar at a vending machine in Paris, though it was a month later that I was refunded automatically.

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Contactless is everywhere I live and has been for a while now, I remember McDonalds heavily advertising it when it came out.

(Alex) #33

Maybe their internal research shows their customers are using it less than other banks.

(Jack) #34

I remember a few years ago you had to specifically request one so many they are just behind the curve.


Yes I wondered this too!


A few supermarkets - Sainsburys (which was probably the last big supermarket to accept contactless payments), and most recently Aldi allow you to use Apple Pay without the £30 limit.

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I used Monzo in the USA and most places did accept contactless however the norm is payment using Magstripe. It was really bizzare because they have card readers to be able to do chip and pin or contactless but for some reason vendors don’t use them.


Topman/Topshop still don’t accept contactless!

(Shaun McDonald) #39

Recent places that I’ve found don’t accept contactless over £30:

  • ASDA
  • The Range
  • I’ve had problems with it at the Greater Anglia ticket desk in the past, though they may have been an mobile payment specific issue which might have been resolved now. Last payment was mobile and went through, though less than £30.
    Don’t accept contactless at all:
  • Ryman
  • Proctors (Local sausage shop)
  • Ipswich Transport Museum
  • Vision Express
  • Grog & Cruel pub/restaurant in Fort William
  • Dunelm
  • Local sandwich shop
  • B&Q

So quite a number of places that I’ve been the past half year, though those only cover about 5-10% of in person transactions, so it is quite strange getting my card out instead of my phone to pay using Android Pay now. Almost a celebration when I remember the PIN number.

(Jack) #40

There is a public wiki you can update on this forum with places that don’t accept contactless over £30 :slight_smile: