Pay on the go using Monzo with Apple Pay


I just used Apple Pay in a cafe in Istanbul. It made me so happy. I forgot how much fun it is.

Well done Monzo. It was totally worth the wait.

(And yes, switching off transaction history in Wallet removes the duplicate notification)


Is that one meal or two? Just curious, McDonalds have variable pricing, and I’ve wondered what the highest price McDonalds meal is :stuck_out_tongue:

(I paid around £7.30 for 9 nuggets, large fries and large shake in St Albans a few months ago. I was shellshocked.)

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #234

Been using it loads but it’s annoying that TfL history doesn’t show now.

(Michael) #235

It was two :smiley: A medium signature collection classic meal with milkshake for me and a sweet chilli chicken wrap meal for my mum. But my milkshake was upgraded to a large for free as they claimed they didn’t have any medium ones! :joy:


Payed fine with Monzo on Apple Pay. For some reason though my Apple Pay transactions are not appearing in the transactions history (from the same device)

(Aj) #237

Haha old habits, still calling them by their old name :sweat_smile:

(Brian Hunter) #238

A dark day indeed for us Android users. How else are we to gloat over our iOS oppressors?

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #239

I don’t think that was ever possible :joy_cat:

(Leon) #240

Extremely dark day. I guess we will just have to revert back to the default position. How customisational Android is compared to “others”.

(Ray Singh) #241

It works flawlessly on MBP :hot_coral_heart::monzo::hot_coral_heart:

Even Apple is admiring Monzo’s hot coral colour :hot_coral_heart:


What colour is it usually

(Jack) #243

Hot coral haha or whatever name you’d call that shade :star_struck:

(Ray Singh) #244

It’s something in between red & coral :blush:

(Daryl) #245

Haven’t used my card since I setup Apple Pay a few days back. I was even able to use it to check into my hotel on Sunday evening!


Yes, I had the same issue with TFL with regard to being charged separately for using my Monzo card on my outbound trip but :green_apple: Pay on the return trip.

It makes sense though precisely because of this. Now I’ve had no issues since by consistently using :green_apple: Pay for TFL trips.

(Richard Bairwell) #247

Out of interest, and I understand that Monzo staff won’t be able to say because of NDAs, does any one know if the Apple/Google cut (which I /believe/ for Google is 0.38% of the transaction) is paid by the merchant (i.e. Tescos), the card issuer (Monzo) or is it taken from the interchange fee which would go to the card network (Mastercard)?

(Jorge) #248

Just have to say: it is incredibly sexy

(Mark) #249

Some new Apple Pay users might find this helpful.

Here is a comprehensive list of stores that accept payments of over £30 with Apple Pay

I’ve been using Apple Pay with Starling comprehensively for the last 6 months. My wallet hasn’t left the house in that time. I can confirm Sainsbury’s definitely allow for purchases over £30. Tesco also do but you must do it via their Tesco+ app rather than Apple Pay ( basically works the same). Tesco are in the process of updating their pay at pump stations so they too will accept contactless payments via pay at pump.

It’s the future people.


John Lewis also take Apple Pay >£30, although it’s showing incorrectly on that page.

(Mark) #251

Yeah I believe Ikea do now also. Ive seen a few of these lists kicking about online. They are updated as and when users provide info so probably not 100% up to date.