Pay on the go using Monzo with Apple Pay


I get no signal in your local Sainsbury’s either!

Only joking!

In my case I get no signal in my local
Co-operative Foodstore


You don’t need signal for Apple Pay


Really? This is interesting


You’ll need an internet connection when you first add your debit/credit card to Apple Pay but, after that, you can use Apple Pay anywhere, with or without signal.


It basically acts as a contactless card. You’ll still need a connection to receive the Monzo transaction notifications, but you’ll get this as soon as you reconnect.

(Dave Grimmett) #277

I’m new to apple pay but was really looking forward to using it with my Monzo card. Registration seemed to go through with no problems however, when I can to use it for the first time in a store my apple wallet said the transaction had gone through but the shops card reader said no, so I had to use contactless. I’ve kept an eye on my account and the transaction only went through on contactless, but I’m worried about using it again cuz it’s embarrassing

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #278

This has happened to me the first time I used Apple Pay (not with Monzo). It might be an Apple issue, and if my experience is typical, it should work fairly flawlessly in future. The only issues I’ve had since then have been the occasional Touch ID failure.

(Paul) #279

Good point. Will be interesting too see what happens and which way they go


Have had a quick look at this thread and still am a little confused

What is the actual limit when using Apple Pay ?

I always thought it was around the £30 mark

(Andre Borie) #281

Apple Pay supports CDCVM (cardholder device CVM), so assuming the terminal supports it, it’s essentially equivalent to a PIN and has no limit.

Most modern merchants support it, small merchants might not yet, and a few awful ones like Tesco explicitly disable it to shill their stupid loyalty card instead.

If CDCVM is not used, it falls back to “no CVM” contactless which has a limit set by the merchants, the norm in the UK is 30£ but that changes between countries (and again, individual merchants can customise it to their liking).

(Mark) #282

Depends on the shop. Have a read back over the thread for info on which shops restrict it to £30 and which allow you to spend over £30.


Thank you for the responses

Will give this a try later in the week and see how I get on

(Katrina) #284

If the terminal knows it is Apple Pay, then it is unlimited. If it thinks it is a normal contactless card, then £30. I’ve boought an iPad in the Apple store using Apple Pay, and that was a lot more than £30, but £35 of stuff in Boots does not work.

(Aled) #285

Some shops won’t allow the use of contactless if over £30 even if it’s Apple pay

(Katrina) #286

In my experience, most shops won’t allow it.

(Jolin) #287

In my experience, most will, so it depends on where you shop! :wink:

(Calum James) #288

Oh, wow. Which area are you in? Most places have allowed me to do it (not just since I started using Apple Pay again with Monzo but for ages before when I used it with Santander). Some have initially said I couldn’t, but once I explain to them that it works fine with Apple Pay for over £30 they tend to let me try it, and it works.

The only shop I can remember not being allowed to use Apple Pay in for over £30 is Tesco (as others have probably pointed out, in most stores they disable the contactless option for transactions over £30), but I’ve boycotted them until they start allowing me to use my preferred method of payment :tipping_hand_man:t3:

(Aled) #289

Isn’t that a bit steep to not use a shop because you can’t use apply pay? Surely it is safer to have a limit that disables contactless? If your phone is stolen and no security enabled? Someone could go to town and spend spend spend.

(Calum James) #290

You can’t set up Apple Pay if you have no security enabled on your phone.

Apple Pay is much more secure than using cards. Not only because of the technical implementation but because it requires your face, finger print, or six-digit PIN (if you’ve set the six-digit one up; if you’ve naively set the four-digit one up, losing your phone is just like losing your physical card). You can easily wipe or stop people from accessing your phone or Apple Pay, from the iCloud website or another Apple device, if you lose your phone, but even if you don’t have access to do that, no one can use Apple Pay on your lost phone or watch unless they can guess your six-digit PIN (which takes several hours for bots) or have your face or fingerprint. It’s much more secure. I don’t think there needs to be any limit for Apple Pay.

It’s not steep to me because there are alternative supermarkets :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s very inconvenient for me that they don’t accept Apple Pay because I hardly carry my physical Monzo card around with me now, and I never have a problem doing so, although I would if I still shopped at Tesco. Even when I do carry my physical Monzo card around with me “just in case” it’s in whichever bag I have with me, and it’s very inconvenient having to place the bag down and fish in for my card.

I value the idea of a cashless society in which we don’t need physical wallets. That’s the promise of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet, and it’s largely working out well (apart from a few holdouts, like Tesco for payment and Boots for their loyalty card). Carrying a physical wallet around with me when I could just boycott those holdouts and use alternatives would be giving in and it would be counterproductive to society realising that goal. Plus it means I don’t have to carry around a physical wallet in my pocket; I’d argue a physical wallet is more of an inconvenience than having to chose an alternative shop for something.

(Andre Borie) #291

If your phone is stolen and no security enabled?

If that happens your entire digital identity goes out the window. Unauthorized transactions (which can be refunded by the bank) is the least of your worries at that point.