[pay.monzo.com] pay.monzo.com (Pay Anyone) link not opening in app


When I open a pay.monzo.com link sent to my by a friend through Slack, it doesn’t open in the Monzo app. Slack insists on using its asinine “in-app browser”, requiring an explicit click on the safari icon to open in safari. This forces the Safari app to open the link, which then opens the regular, web-based version of the page, without an option to “open in Monzo app” at the top.

YouTube does the same sometimes, but it always has a bar at the top of the page with an explicit link to the YouTube app, as a fallback for this situation.

Details to reproduce:

Get a pay.monzo.com link in Slack, tap it. Then tap the safari icon bottom right.


iOS 12.3.1


iPhone 6s

App Version:



Private, so I’d rather not. Let me know if the explanation is unclear and I can try and fashion a redacted screenshot

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There was a similar report for monzo.me on iOS recently:

@stompydan, could this be a different instantiation of the same issue?

This is a bug in iOS, not with Monzo.


Can be reported to Apple directly. It’s likely to have been reported already but they’ll group it once submitted.

Thanks @SouthseaOne , that’s likely the same bug, yes. The required site association file is missing from the pay.monzo.com domain. It seems like they could just copy the one from monzo.me?

I don’t think it’s supposed to open the Monzo app? Isn’t it meant for people with other current accounts?

monzo.me and Starling’s settle up work better for customers already with the same bank

Not really sure what pay.monzo.com is, maybe an alias for monzo.me ?, but are you saying that it is intended to not work better between Monzo customers? Would be a bit curious given articles about how great it is to grow the Monzo ecosystem

What is pay.monzo.com? It just redirects to monzo.com for me.

It’s the pay anyone by link feature


@16bitkieran indeed, it’s for receiving money from strangers directly.

I was expecting this link to open in the monzo app and offer a convenient way to accept the money, without having to manually enter my sort code and account nr in a webform. Does that feature not exist at all? In that case the failure to open the link in the app is not the bug, but the lack of the feature itself is :slight_smile:

It’s the other way round surely?

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Am having this same fault with a link sent via Slack but on Android. Anyone found a solution?