[iOS] Monzo.me link not opening app

For the last few weeks whenever I click on a monzo.me link sent from someone it opens Safari with the options to fill out card details, Apple Pay and Google Pay instead of opening the Monzo app.

I have tried deleting and re-installing the app but the behaviour remains… broken(?)

I have also tried this on my wife’s phone and it behaves as expected, clicking the link opens the Monzo app displaying the person to send money to.

Any ideas on how to restore the previous behaviour?

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What’s the difference between your phones? Different iOS versions?

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Same iOS version: 12.3.1
Mine is an iPhone X, she is using an iPhone 6S.

Hi @MoNurk

This might have been reported again a few days later and fixed:

Have you tried again recently?

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Yup I had created the new topic, as I had found out about the files going missing on the monzo.me domain. It’s all good now