links not associated with App on Android


Today a friend tried to pay me by sending me a link but said link wouldn’t open in my Monzo app. In browser I could either sign up for Monzo (didn’t work cause I already have an account) or manually add my bank details (bit of a faff).

I did a bit of digging to figure out why this link didn’t auto open in the Monzo App and it turns out the Android monzo app doesn’t support the subdomain. The only domains it has are:

Is this deliberate or a bug? And can it be fixed?


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I always thought the links were to be sent to those outside Monzo, otherwise they just send the request inside the app to another Monzo user, granted they have contact sharing on to see the list of friends in monzo.

Sounds like the link is working as it should - to add your card details to pay them.

Edit: they go to payments, request money.

I’d have expected it to open in monzo or at least be able to sign in to my monzo account given there’s a sign up option. The functionality for finding another Monzo user isn’t particularly great since I don’t actually use contacts on my phone very much (most of my chats go through messenger) and there’s no easy way that I know of to share your account with a friend to add each other as payees.


I’d definitely expect Monzo to open if I received a pay.monzo link, just for ease of use and a good customer journey.

Possible better in the feedback ideas section for people to vote.

I’ve never come across it so I quite possibly could be wrong.

It’s always been like this (for me at least).

I usually end up paying via someone else’s link with my Monzo debit card (thus incurring Monzo a fee) because that’s the easiest way.