requests don't open the app?

Hello all,

Is there no functionally for me to pay instantly through the app without having to enter my card details when someone splits a bill with me? My girlfriend just got a Monzo card, I promised her it would make splitting costs super fast and easy but she just sent me a money request through FB messenger and it opened in the browser instead (it wanted the usual full card details). I had to go to the app and manually enter what I owed her.

Thanks in advance.

I’m assuming you’re using an Android device as I see no option for it on mine either?
On my iphone I get the option to open the page in my :monzo: app which works perfectly as you described!

Oh yeah, I forgot that crucial bit of info. I’m on android and she is on iPhone. Is there any trick I can do to just send the request to the app? It really doesn’t make sense for it not to.

I’ve just found this :eyes:

does that help?

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Unfortunately no, I already have these settings

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Ok, this has been solved. The problem is the way Facebook messenger handles links. It opens them in its own browser, I guess the link never gets the opportunity to reach the OS to pass on to the app. If you click the link and in the options then choose “open in chrome” then it works as intended.


Mine was broken too despite the app being set to open its links.

Using a new private browsing tab in firefox fixed it.

Hope that helps someone!