Got a payment link—can't pay via app

Someone sent me a link to request payment. I already have the Monzo app. There doesn’t seem to be any way to pay using the app itself, so I have to enter my Monzo credit card number, the CVV and so forth onto the webpage, and then use the Monzo app to consent to the payment. It’s really bizarre. Suggest making it possible to do this using the app itself, such as making it possible to enter the Monzo username.

Hey Michael :wave:

If this contact exist within your contact list you should be able to find them through the Monzo app.

Making sure 'Payments with friends" is activated within the Privacy & Security section of the app.

If you’re ever unsure, our friendly in app chat team will be there to help :smile:

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Thanks, in this case was not a contact—was just a friend of a friend (collecting money for a stag do). But I don’t usually use that feature anyway, prefer to keep my contacts separate!

I have definitely paid someone via a monzo me link who I didn’t have as a contact recently and it opened in the app.

Do any monzo links open in the app? It could be your phone blocking it.

What phone do you have?

At least on Android:

  • If you type or paste the link you were given into a web browser on the phone, it will take you to the website and request card details.

  • If you open the link on the phone without entering it into the web browser (clicking on a link in email or on a web page, for example), it will open the Monzo app to make a person-to-person payment, even if that person is not in your Contacts.

I think it would be useful for the web page to include a link to itself when opened on a mobile, to make it easier to open the app in this case.

@sde1000 Clicking on a link from e.g. email does open the app, which immediately asks whether I want to turn on “Payments with Friends.” I have just aborted at that point previously, but it turns out if you tap enable, but then deny access to contacts at the Android consent prompt, it does seem to allow payment to an individual via the app, which is what I want.

So it turns out it is possible to pay someone via the app if you have a link. The steps are:

  1. Email the link to yourself.
  2. Use email client to click on the link. The Monzo app opens.
  3. The app will ask you whether you want to enable “Payments with Friends”. Select “enable.”
  4. Android will now ask whether you want to give Monzo access to your contacts. Select deny.
  5. Make payment to your friend.

It’s a lot of work! It would be better if either there was a link on the page into the Monzo app, or there was a way to enter a Monzo username as the destination in the payment section in the app.

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I’m pretty sure this will be something to do with your phone if it open from your email app to monzo but not from other apps.

Which app were you trying to open the link from originally.

It depends whether opening the link is done as an implicit intent or just handled directly in the app that’s currently open. See the Android intents documentation here:

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