I would like my friends who don't have Monzo to be able to pay me.....is this possible on Android phone yet?

Can non Monzo people pay me with their debit cards?

apparently since december - don’t have an android phone so don’t know - worth reading the whole thread though

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Yes. From the Monzo.me page anyone with a debit card from any bank can send you a payment but depending on your OS and version number you may have to enable Payments with Friends option in Settings or if you do not have that option you should be able to get Customer Service to turn it on for you. They can also send you money electronically by the Faster Payments scheme if they have a UK bank account and you give them your Monzo account details


On an Android device, you can enable payments with friends in your Settings, under ‘Privacy’ (your Monzo.me link is just below this) If you share your Monzo.me link with friends they can pay you using a debit card in a matter of minutes. I would recommend receiving payments this way, rather than bank transfer, as this can take anything from a couple of hours to a day to arrive. There’s some helpful info on how Monzo.me works here :slightly_smiling_face: