Pay Bills directly from pot

Anyone else confused with how Monzo use their pots for direct debits? So when I get paid I transfer money into my bills/contracts pot but when the direct debit comes out it shows as a credit in my main account and a debit direct to the pot. So it basically looks like a transfer has happened on the same day the money goes to a pot. It’s so weird. Monzo should just have a feature where you type in the amount your monthly bills comes to and it should automatically deduct it from the available balance. Eg: £900 pending direct debits and £750 available funds. So much easier than seeing multiple transactions in the main account.

UPDATE :monzopride:
Yeah I’ve removed my pots for direct debits as this looks ridiculous on my statement with how Monzo do things. I’ll just calculate myself on how much I need to leave in my main account and spend the remaining salary on myself. Monzo you need to sort this out.


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I edited the title slightly so it comes up a little easier when folk search for it (which they will, this is quite a popular request)

I too would like to see it one day. With the split of Flex into its own feed maybe this will also happen, maybe not