Paying Monzo Loan or Flex payments from pots

I pay all of my direct debits and standing orders from a scheduled bill payments pot and use the salary sorter each month to move enough money into my pots for bills etc.

Monzo flex payments and Monzo loan payments don’t seem to have the option to pay from a pot so currently we have to manually transfer funds from a pot the day before to ensure the payment is covered.

Would be a good idea to include this option in the future.

Hi @Alanstevens & welcome :wave:

You’re better off voting on this earlier topic on the issue of paying the :monzo: loan from a pot:

I’d also like to be able to pay Monzo Flex payments from a pot.

I would give a little peace of mind.

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I’d like this functionality also, Monzo has always been great for managing money so this would further that.

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It’s now a thing! :soon: