Committed spending, monthly reports and pots

I have some direct debits and a scheduled payment set up to pull money out of a specific pot I made for recurring bills. I also have a virtual card from that pot with some other recurring payments.

Unfortunately despite that, the direct debits and scheduled payment (not the virtual card payments) keeps showing up in the monthly spending reports. I don’t want this. This is why I set them to come out of the pot. There’s no way for me to exclude it from the report like I can with other transactions. I want to be able to see what my actual spending is but these transactions are skewing the total. Am I missing something?


This is my pet peeve with how data is reported in app. To add to this: I want my direct debits that are paid from pots to be clearly reported in my pot feed and not just main account feed. The second record in main account showing that money was deducted from pot should be omitted. I wonder why this info can’t be clearly labelled in pots feed when a direct debit is paid. Virtual cards linked to pots produce a transaction record in pot feed when it’s used - although I do appreciated a virtual card and a direct debit are not the same thing but having less duplication of records and summaries for pots having all transactions reported would serve as further improvements.


I noticed this the other day. I saw in my main account that a bill was credited to my pot then debited at the same time (all showing in my main account) it got very confusing as I thought the payment had been returned. Monzo don’t need to make the credit then debit as it looks odd. It’s nice to see what’s going out in the main account tho but the debit credit thing is weird.

That’s what happens though. You can’t actually pay a DD from a pot. Monzo just moved the money a few seconds before the DD and then paid it.

It has been mentioned that this will change to be more like how virtual cards from pots works

Anyone else confused with how Monzo use their pots for direct debits? So when I get paid I transfer money into my bills/contracts pot but when the direct debit comes out it shows as a credit in my main account and a debit direct to the pot. So it basically looks like a transfer has happened on the same day the money goes to a pot. It’s so weird. Monzo should just have a feature where you type in the amount your monthly bills comes to and it should automatically deduct it from the available balance. Eg: £900 pending direct debits and £750 available funds. So much easier than seeing multiple transactions in the main account.


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True. Thanks. However Starling never did this. They had the money in the spaces and it came out of the spaces. Didn’t look like multiple payments moving all over the place. Just looks abit sloppy.

:man_shrugging: That’s how Monzo have decided to do it. And it’s been raised many times. It may change at some point, but right now, thems the breaks

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Yeah I’m the same. I can stop some transactions from being shown but this depends on what I’m wanting to exclude. The spend a month is weird as once all my bills and direct debits / standing orders are taken I want the app to tell me what I have left for the month rather than letting me add a balance of what I wish to spend. I thought it would be obvious I want to spend what ever is in my account once all my direct debits and standing orders have been taken. I currently have about £40 in my account till payday at the end of the month but accoutring to the tracker I have £88 left to spend out of my budget this month haha. Hmm not sure how that works hahaha