Spend from 'pots'

First timer, so go easy…

Any idea how I can get certain spends to automatically come out of a particular pot?

For example.

  • I get paid and transfer X into a ‘Pot’ for FUEL expenses.
  • Every time I buy FUEL, it automatically comes out of that ‘pot’.


If you link your Monzo account to IFTTT, any spend on your card at a recognised petrol station can then initiate a transfer of the same amount from a fuel pot back into the main account.

It’s not quite the same as spending directly from a pot as you need the money in your main account initially to be reimbursed, but it’s in use by lots of folks and seems to work for them. Have a search of the forum for IFTTT and petrol and you should find something suitable to explain how it’s done.

Oh, and welcome.


Hi Gary, welcome!

You aren’t alone in wanting something like this! As @tbutz says there is a workaround solution available via IFTTT, and I think the main post on this kind of thing (which you can add your vote to) is here:

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