Monzo + IFTTT - Costco Gas issue

First time poster and first time ifttt user.

I currently have Monzo setup so that whenever I go and pay for petrol at Costco which comes through as Costco Gas it automatically withdraws the amount from my Fuel pot, now this works perfectly almost too perfectly.

The problem I’m having is that Costco does a card check when paying at the pump and as a result £99 is withdrawn every time I pay at the pump.

Is there a way to modify the AmountInAccountCurrency so that it only triggers if the amount is below a certain amount? Like say I set it to something like AmountInAccountCurrency<60 so only Costco Gas transactions that are below £60 are actually withdrawn. That way when the final charge is generated, that’s the one that triggers the movement of funds from my designated pot.

The Costco in Edinburgh actually only allows you to take as much fuel as the cash in your bank account, before messing with IFTTT settings, test the next time you go and only say have £50 in the account and try to fill up (assuming you had over £99 int account) for it to specify that amount.

@BritishLibrary is the guru, he may be able to help.

I stopped using pay at pump because it messes with the round ups!

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@matty491 welcome to the community.

I think this should fit the bill (obviously put the real merchant name in I just guessed):

This assumes that the actual amount comes out in a second transaction. If the original is modified there’s no trigger for that sadly.


Oooh interesting problem.

I’ve never used Pay at Pump with Monzo so not 100% sure on the mechanics. But lemme take a stab.

One question,

Am I reading this correctly to say that every pay at pump transaction moves from the pot the £99 pre auth, plus the actual charge itself?

If it does - I imagine both the auth and the settlement trigger IFTTT (I read in another thread that a similar integration but for foreign travel would run on settlement too).

If it only runs on authorisation then I’d be stumped.

For it to run, you’d need to use IFTTT Platform, where you can set up some code to do exactly what you said; if amountinaccountcurrency < x then y.

There might be a simpler way but I think you need to use Platform either way.

If you can clarify about the auth charge thing I’ll
Have a look at the specifics you might need :slight_smile:

Holy smokes there’s a trigger for “Less than at specific merchant”

Never knew!
Ignore my comment, this is the easy way! Depending on how a transaction is authorised of course

Funnily enough I did some tinkering around and came to the same conclusion, I don’t get petrol until Sunday every week so I will update tomorrow, if this worked!

I don’t remember it being there before either but it showed up on platform when I went to go write some trigger code.

@matty491 could you share a screenshot of the transactions list from the last time you filled up?

Edit: the trigger was there as far back as 12 months ago :man_shrugging:

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So this is what happened last time I filled up, when I go to fill up I have £0 in my account but an overdraft of £100 so the £99 pre card payment is triggered and as a result that got withdrawn from the pot. Then once I’d finished filling up the final petrol cost was added while the £99 was removed from the transaction list.

I’ll update tomorrow with a new screenshot to see if it’s worked!

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I have a feeling then it won’t trigger when the amount settles given what the above shows. If they were two separate transactions, yes, but I don’t think it will work here.

Let’s see what comes back tomorrow :slight_smile:

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IFTTT triggers on the initial figure only, there’s no second trigger point when the actual charge is taken so this is the best you’re going to get. I guess there’s an outside chance that they settle with a different transaction but I doubt it.

In the “olden days” i.e. up until now, the IFTTT trigger only responded to the £1 pre-authorisation rather then the final figure. Now that more is starting to be reserved, that’s the figure to be taken from the pot.

Unless Monzo do some back end stuff, this is the way it will continue to work I fear.

I know it’s a slower work around, but does the Costco have a person you can pay in the normal old fashioned way? Or do they only offer pay at pump?

It’s only Pay at Pump from what I’ve seen. I’ve never seen one with a kiosk/shop.

I imagine the only way to workaround it, would be to use the API and possibly an IFTTT webhook trigger.

But from what I can see, the Webhook can’t take any actual data - it has space for 3 values, but I don’t think you can use fields from the Monzo API to pass through here.

So I’m going to say in IFTTT there’s no route to make it work.


It appears that it worked, because I set my trigger to less than £60 it worked but took time.

As you can see from my second screenshot I didn’t think it had worked so I moved the money manually but as you can also see the money did move, it just took a bit longer than normal.


Glad that worked!

In the previous setting, did it move the money twice - the £99 and then the actual amount? Or just the first.

I’m baffled, I didn’t think IFTTT triggered on settlement! Good to confirm :slight_smile:

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