Asda petrol 24h pumps

Hi all I’ve just gone to a 24h petrol pump at beckton just put my monzo card in the machine put my pin in and it said ok then it was declined was not happy at all as I was nearly out off petrol it’s a good job I only lived down the rd and I was far away I would off been pissed off. Has anyone else had any problems with the monzo card at asda pumps if so does anyone know when this problem will be sorted out thx

Have a look at this thread - Asda Pay at Pump - Can't use Monzo?. Not sure what the resolution was, though I thought it had been solved. Did uyou have more than £99 i your account? All pumps will pre-auth that amount now before changing to the amount you spend.

The issue in that topic has been resolved. It was a country-wide issue involving all Asda pay at pump systems.

In regards to pre-auths. This has recently been updated too :slight_smile:

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Not recently but its happened to me three times in total with Monzo, and saved each time by transfering cash over and using my Starling card. The last time was end of Feb for me.

One of those times was the time Asda decided to block Monzo from using their pumps. One was meant to be a Mastercard issue but my Starling still worked, the other time it was Monzo at fault.

I’ve never had an issue with any other bank with Pay at Pumps just Monzo.

Did we ever get an explanation as to why Asda decided to impose a complete block on Monzo, and told staff to put up signs telling people not to use their cards?

I think it was because their card processor had blocked some BIN numbers and accidentally included monzo.


Not had any issues since the massive issue in Feb

Is it just me or does anyone else’s cards not work at ASDA Pay-At-Pump machines? I’ve tried at several and can only pay if I go inside. Weird as I can pay at the pump at all other supermarkets!

Annoying, too, as ASDA is the cheapest around me!! :weary::weary:

It’s a weird set up. You need to have £100 in your account for the pre-auth to go through. If you did this is a separate issue.

I think some Asda fuel stations are still not fully compliant with Monzo since the fall out.

It’s very rare I do!! :joy::joy: there was a fallout?

Info is in this thread and some of Monzo’s responses.

I had issues last week at Asda, but at pay at pump and in the kiosk. Not Monzo, but it wouldn’t accept my Tandem MasterCard credit card. The decline receipt stated “card excluded”. I think their systems are a bit of a lottery.

Tandem doesn’t work for me at Morrisons PaP, even if I try and use it through Curve.

Weird system.

It will Not authorise if you only have £1 in your account, However I transferred £20 and it worked fine, Maybe you need to have a certain amount in your account to Authorise, This was today 7/04/2020.

On older systems it will auth £1 (It’s reccomended that £99 is in the account to prevent this being declined) then ajust the next working day

On newer systems it will auth £99 then ajust to how much fuel you took immedatly after

On Morrisons pumps it now auths £1 and then ajusts immediatly after

Why would you want to get £1 worth of fuel, is that even possible? I thought you needed to purchase a few litres minimum.

Some Banks only require you have £1 in your account to Authorise, Monzo doesn’t, I tried it with £1 and it Failed… put £20 in the account and it worked, Don’t know why, I filled my car up with no problems though :slight_smile:

All pumps should be like Costco’s PAP, it tells you on screen how much you can actually take as it shows you ur bank balance.

Monzo works differently as generally they update overnight which compared to legacy is instant :joy:

The pumps work the same for all banks. The difference you’re describing is that some banks will allow you to go into an unauthorised overdraft so they can charge you even more. Monzo aren’t like that :slight_smile:

Also, if you have an overdraft you can be authorised with just £1 in your account.