Card ‘sale cancelled’ Morrison’s pay at pump

Yesterday I tried to use my card at the pay at pump machine at Morrison’s.
Each time the display showed sale cancelled- I tried 3 times before clicking pay at kiosk. I just thought there was something wrong with the machine. But in the kiosk the cashier asked if I was paying with ‘that internet card’ I asked if he meant Monzo card ‘the bright orange one’ yes. He went on to advise that the pay at pumps don’t work with monzo cards, everyone who tries to pay with them has to come into the shop. Bit frustrating has the queue was long and I had my dog in the car.

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There are varying results with Monzo cards at pay at the pump stations throughout the UK. My own personal findings is the older the pump, the less likely it’s kept up to date and the less likely Monzo is to work.

Generally speaking for PaP to work you need to have at least £100 in your account at the time and it will make a small check on your card to make sure you do so, if not it will fail. The rules around this are changing soon you can read about it here:

Monzo doesn’t have a great track record with any of the PaP providers and really does need a help article to explain why fails happen and what you can do to mitigate the errors (if anything!).

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I’ve used two branches of Morrisons pay at pumps and they both work and one definitely had old pumps, but maybe they have even older