✅ Pay at Pump fuel in UK

It would be extremely useful to me if I could use my Monzo card to purchase fuel at a pay at Pump petrol station in the uk

You can. Make sure there’s enough funds in the account. Even though Monzo support partial preauths not every pump does it just yet


You can, however they’ll often authorise £99 to ensure the amount of your purchase is covered, so you’ll need to have that in your account for it to work - even if you’re spending less.

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All of the above isn’t exclusive to Monzo either. It’s the way pay at the pumps work. :+1:


I have changed the title of the thread to indicate this is solved as process is extant for Monzo

Others with more rights can do better later

You can’t make topics in this section as having a solution, but it seems wrong to move it to help as the OP didn’t state they had a problem

A bit rude. Why not ask the OP if they mind first?

That’s fine

Not suggesting it be moved or closed, but some way of indicating that it is not an issue is all I was getting at

I couldn’t find the “normal” green tick!


Oh crumbs, it’s only a green tick so people do not look at the forum and think that Monzo do not support it, but I apologise and have removed it

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No apology needed. Not to me, anyway.

I just didn’t think it was the greatest of welcomes to a first time poster. :+1:


The apology is there for anyone who wants to slowly sip from it

May people enjoy their Saturdays paying at pumps :slight_smile:

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It was a lot cheaper for me to pay in the kiosk on one late night fill up.

I’d put about £40 in the car, went to pay, but paid no attention to what the attendant was saying. As I was getting back in the car, I realised I’d only been charged £5. As I shrugged my way out of the petrol station, I spotted a very angry looking geezer waving his arms around in the kiosk. To this day, I wonder why people get so angry. :thinking: