Past Payment Receipt

Hi there I made an international payment for a holiday earlier this year and I now want a receipt for it as I need to claim it back on my holiday insurance is it possible to get a receipt. It is not obvious on the app.

You can’t get a receipt for a payment from the App or from Monzo - the best probably is a statement. But that doesn’t show what a receipt would show.

Receipts would be sent from the merchant initially.

For a receipt, you’d need to contact the company you paid.

You will only get the date time and amount paid not a proper receipt like from a store, if purchase made online you should have got an emailed receipt and in store one handed to you.

Thank you

I was sure that at the time of payment it asked me if I would like a receipt or record maybe of the payment details .


Possibly but that won’t have been from your bank.

They don’t provide receipts as they don’t supply holidays so they don’t know what you’ve bought, only how much you’ve spent.

I’d reach out the insurance company and ask if a statement or email confirmation is enough

Also, reach out the holiday company and ask for a receipt