Receipt needed

i need a travel reciept but its not showing on my monzo account app

Hi Debbie, Welcome to the community :wave:

Are we talking a proof of transaction? Monzo doesn’t produce receipts, just gives you the option to upload them or link into Flux if the retailer supports it :slight_smile:

You can also produce statements by clicking on your account number and generate one by PDF?

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Some context would be useful here. Banks don’t issue receipts (except for deposits or fees, obviously) so I’m not clear what you’re looking for.


I need to claim the expense back and i hadnt registered my card until recently and its not showing on my app.

Do you mean tube travel out of interest?

Yes it was tube travel. I took a screenshot of the transaction but they wont accept that as proof.

You’ll need to register with TFL if you haven’t already.

If you head over to you should be able to register your card details under an existing/new account.

Once you’ve linked your card details, you can go into “Journey History” and get a statement direct from TFL with the charges.


I’m afraid that’s not something Monzo can help with.

If you want to print a Bank Statement through the app and try and submit that you could give it a go.

yes i’ve registered but there’s nowhere in the app on my phone saying journey history.

Try using the website instead?

The Monzo app won’t hold any of the travel details, but if you download the TFL app you should get a screen that has your card info on it.

In the TFL App, if you tap the card you registered, you’ll get a “Payment History” and “Journey History” button.

You can see the steps on the app store screen - the 4th image :slight_smile:

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