Passport photo

there is a problem in taking passport photo

Conact Monzo and explain

Hi @NahedSoliman & welcome :wave:

Try the first few points in this topic to see if they help:

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there is no useful information about this point

It says to contact Monzo. Do that. Details are in my bio :point_up_2::point_up_2:

Edited to be inoffensive. Sorry.

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There wasn’t useful information in your comment either until you edited it to add a photo.

I’d suggest being polite to people when you’re asking for help - they’re more inclined to do so then.

Erm, you do realise you’re giving them the middle finger right?

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Oops! Thanks for (ahem) pointing that out! I’ve edited my post.

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Gotta love the fu emoji. I’ve not used it myself yet, despite temptation being very high on a few occasions.

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