Yodel Frustration

Supposed to have a parcel arriving today, when I saw the courier as Yodel i cringed.

Its now 1130 and according to Yodel the driver hasn’t finished " loading up the van "
If I track it, it says " Stops before you – " and no numbers.

Anyone else had a bad experience with Yodel ? It’s not even out for delivery and it’s nearly mid-day :face_vomiting:

We already have a topic dedicated to Yodel here:

In my experience with tracking parcels, the online tracking tools can be significantly delayed. It’s also not unheard of for some vans to not head out until the afternoon.

Just try to be patient and don’t worry about it. It’ll turn up, if not today then another day. In the rare occurrence it doesn’t, the retailer will send another or refund you. Things will work out either way.

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How is this thread deemed " off topic " even though it’s in the General section ?

@N26throwaway explained this above. Make sure you have a quick search next time before creating a topic.

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Ok dude no problem

Anyhow it is now showing as out for delivery :+1:t3:

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Shocker, next time just wait for them to actually update the tracker. They’ve all day to deliver said package.

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You’re a nightmare with deliveries. We don’t need a topic every time you order something.
Just wait until the end of the day for your delivery, stop expecting it at 7am.


Online Shopping is definitely not your best friend @Venomx