Paid early not working

Is anyone else having trouble getting paid using the GET PAID EARLY feature everytime I drag it into my wallet it says error

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I don’t even have tomorrow’s income showing as pending yet, let alone possibility of taking it early!

If it doesn’t come in, I have 12 scheduled payments tomorrow that will fall :man_facepalming:

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I’m having the same issue as soon as you swipe it down it comes up saying ‘missing identity token in request’

If anyone knows how I can sort this let me know

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app?

Yes I’ve tried that it did nothing

Yeah same issue here.

Fixed it guys, there is an update for the app I’ve just done the update gone to try it again and it’s worked


I used it just after 4 and it was fine. On the latest TestFlight

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It wasn’t working for me for a couple of hours until about 5 mins ago and now it works. Did not update anything

Back up and working now, spoke to Monzo was a fault in the app and is now sorted

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