The summary feature is completely useless for me

Hi Guys

I get paid the last Thursday of every Month, this makes the Summary feature meaningless to me. It makes it literally impossible to accurately track my paydays using Summary. Does anyone else share my frustration?

In August 2018 a Monzo Dev posted a sneak peak to show that they were working on this feature (link below) but nothing ever came to fruition.

Below I have listed the number of days between all of my paydays for 2020, as you can see in January I had to wait 42 days between my Decembers and January pays. This frustrated me to the point that I created a Google Sheets spreadsheet to more accurately track my expenses instead of using Monzo.

  1. 42
  2. 28
  3. 28
  4. 35
  5. 28
  6. 28
  7. 35
  8. 28
  9. 28
  10. 35
  11. 28
  12. 21

I have contacted Monzo about this on a few separate occasions… I have always had very quick response from a friendly and professional representative but beneath the all of the cooperate doublespeak I essentially get an answer that they have bigger fish to fry and this is not a priority. On the last occasion I contacted them they gave me £30… I’m still not sure why though (thank you?).

I understand that Monzo have countless plates spinning at once, although to me (and perhaps many others) this should be a priority.

Monzo have the data to find out what percentage of their customers this feature doesn’t work for, I’d love to know how high (or low) that number truly is.

If the Summary feature doesn’t work well for you, please leave a comment. Do you guys think this should be a priority or should I just stop whining and continue to use my Google Sheets spreadsheet instead?


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I find that using spreadsheets is the only way to get budgeting to work for me. Expecting a bank (or any other provider) to cater for an individual’s particular circumstances is a fools errand. Even more so if those circumstances are out of the ordinary.