Overriding TouchID with passcode? iOS

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I am an :iphone: user and currently use my :monzo: everyday and have done for a fair while :sunglasses:

is it possible to override the fingerprint access with a passcode like unlocking your phone? maybe it’s a feature I haven’t worked out but a tad annoying if your wearing gloves :bicyclist: or have greasy fingers :hamburger:


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I’m an android user, I don’t think fingerprint verification is a thing for us yet. But if it is in future I’ll need to be able to use an alternate verification method. There are people (like me) with constant skin issues which prevent fingerprints from being recognised.

I’ve never thought of it, good call!

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There is no passcode override for TouchID as of yet but further security measures are in the works. :laughing:

Following on from Kieran’s comment, here’s what Hugo’s considering -

There was a lengthy discussion on various security options (including the use cases for PIN numbers) in this topic too


I knew we talked about PIN as a fallback, but hadn’t considered it being the card’s PIN. That’s simple yet clever


Thanks for all the ideas and info gang!

Agreed @beningreenjam I was just thinking of using the iOS passcode, using the card PIN would add that extra layer if your phone got stolen!

I think there is something to be said for the android pay way on this. You don’t have any security on the app, but you have to have a secure lock screen to use it. That would be a perfectly acceptable way forward IMO.

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ah, the iOS app had zero security at the start, then a 5digit passcode was introduced and now TouchID.

I remember seeing facial/audio recognition for the android app being an idea previously. Has this been released?

This has been implemented by a Monzo competitor actually, I think it’s a pretty terrible idea - although I haven’t tried it, to be fair - because I guess you have to be stationary, in order to verify via video & there can’t be too much background noise for the audio so that’s no good if you’re making you way through a train station & trying to login to the app, for example.

Just to be clear, I know that Monzo plans to use (or already uses - I didn’t have to go through the extra verification)

selfie-to-ID picture comparison services


& Jonas has mentioned, that will actually probably be video verification. That’s fine for 2 time verification (once when you register & once when you’re verifying your identity for Monzo - if your card’s been stolen, for example) but I wouldn’t want to use it regularly…

I would also like to see this, my Touch ID sensor must be on its way out because I have to try a few times then it seems to lock me out and have to type my password in on the main lock screen to allow I through again!


Are you on iOS or Android? If iOS there’s an accessibility feature that can help alleviate this problem. I’m not sure if Android has any solution though.

For anyone experiencing a similar problem on iOS:

Open Settings > General > Accessibility, then scroll to Interaction, open the Assistive Touch page and switch the Assistive Touch toggle to green. You’ll then have a virtual home button.

Touch ID is still required on the physical home button, but if that’s wearing out then use the virtual one for non Touch ID related tasks.


Home button is fine but it seems to not like my fingerprint very much, that’s the issue.