Alternative Security to Fingerprint ID

(Sam Magham) #1

I’m not sure how many people have this problem, but my Touch ID doesn’t work and there is no alternative number or letter password security protecting my account. Please make this a feature quick! As well as an option for a password when topping up the card.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Andre Borie) #2

Your email is what protects access to your account. The Touch ID is purely a privacy feature if for some reason you’re one of those people that gives their phone unlocked to everyone.

(Sam Magham) #3

Well yeah, if someone manages to get into my phone or if I do hand someone my phone unlocked I’d rather not like for them to have easy viewing access to my funds. I’d just like an alternative to Touch ID.


Something groundbreaking…like a PIN perhaps :rofl:

But I am not even going to go there, this has been discussed before and the official line seems to be a disregard for us being able to protect our personal data, i.e. transaction history, account number, address, etc, as the only thing they seem concerned about is the ability to make payments which rightly is protected by further steps. I therefore wouldn’t recommend you persue this line of thought as you will get people lecturing you how it is not data security but privacy. Potato potato comes to mind :wink:

(Starling Guru) #5

I find this is the safest way to secure my phone

and to transport it I get these guys to help me out

(Andre Borie) #6

But you are fine with them looking at your texts, pictures, emails, and being able to leave persistent malware behind that allows them to remote in later on?

Don’t hand out your phone to someone you don’t trust, and if you do, then your Monzo account history should be the least of your concerns.

(Andre Borie) #7

But if they do implement a PIN, a malicious person can still work around it by logging out of the app and then using email (which is most likely available in the mail app on the device) to log back in and bypass the PIN.

If they make the PIN persist app reinstalls then what happens when an user forgets it? Do we ask them to come into a branch (:joy:) or send copies of their passport by snail mail to Monzo HQ? In my opinion that would ruin the experience for most users just to please a select few.

(Sam Magham) #8

Haha cheers man. I guess I’ll just have to upgrade my phone to get some Touch ID. I feel like a pin would be easy to implement but alright. :joy:


Or switch to a bank that takes your privacy seriously. I would never upgrade my phone in order to fit my bank’s needs, but there we go…