[Bug/Improvement][Android] Android Fingerprint unlock - Phone PIN code backup

I have mentioned this on Twitter before - as far as I know on iOS if you failed to use the fingerprint unlock, it would fall back to the pin, but the sae isn’t true on android. This effectively locks me out of the app if I have recently been climbing or if the fingerprint sensor is being a bit touchy.

It looks like there could be Android APIs for this and I’d like to see Monzo move over to them.

(I’m writing this message while I’m waiting for my Monzo account to unlock and allow me to try and open it again).

There is a new app lock process being developed. Perhaps it will be part of that (I haven’t read all the details) or worst case you can just a PIN instead of your finger print:

Hmmm looks like thats your card pin - I would like to use my phones backup authentication to the fingerprint (normally a pin or swipe pattern)

In that topic they say they won’t do it:

They already do on iOS (as there is no choice). I would also not be surprised if the new android authentication APIs for Face ID go the same direction an abstract all this away as it does on iOS

Bumping and putting it another way:

With my device PIN I can add a new fingerprint and use that to access the Monzo app - so why don’t they use the Android Biometric dialog and set setDeviceCredentialAllowed to true