Touch ID to access the app

I would like to see some security barrier before gaining access to the app. Touch ID would be perfect. It is kind of scary that it can be accessed just like that. I know if my phone is locked it should be fine by still the added sense of security would be great. Plus you never know when you forget to lock you phone


It would be great ! And not just Touch ID security, most of the people are not using Touch ID, so would be nice and protection by a Numeric PIN !

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Take a look here, here, and here if you’re interested in reading more about :point_up_2: :id:!

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in principle good as an idea. but people with certain medical conditions and medications, and people working in certain manual industries have problems with fingerprint recognition

@anon44204028 I assume that this will be implemented in line with other software that allows a passcode (or something similar) to be used as well as the fingerprint recognition.

As long as Touch ID is in there, I’ll be happy. Hate having to type passwords and such.

i tend to not agree with you on this one.

I like how i can open the app and not worry about a password or clean/dry fingers for touch id.

No one can do anything from within the app/take money or anything without a layer of security at that stage so why security on your balance and spend history. the phone lock is enough


@jackc I agree with this but I can imagine how some people would want an extra layer of security on it. Personally I like being able to open Mondo without a password/code/Touch ID.

Yeah! This is already designed and hopefully we’ll start to build it :soon:

The whole thing will be opt-in and, of course, PIN would be the fallback if you don’t have Touch ID (same pattern we use to confirm P2P payments).


One of the interesting limitations to TouchID is that it cannot (currently) distinguish between authorised fingers. That is, all fingers have the same authority. You cannot, for example, say “Fingers A, B, and C can unlock the phone, but only finger A can unlock Mondo”. So a parent cannot, for example, allow their child’s finger to unlock the phone, but somehow prohibit the child’s finger from also unlocking Mondo. This is an iOS limitation. The only thing iOS tells an app like Mondo is “yes, an authorised finger was presented.” It gets no identifier to distinguish between which finger it was.

The whole concept of a “secondary” or “not-quite-the-same-as-me” user on iOS really doesn’t exist yet. So a person who would share their device with their child or spouse must not authorise the other person’s finger AND must not tell them the phone’s passcode. Doing either of those things allows the other person to authorise things with their finger, or register their finger (because they know the passcode).


I love the fact you don’t need to login, I have a passcode for the phone, why an extra step - you don’t have a separate passcode to get in your email on your phone (potentially people could do password resets on everything!) - what’s the harm in seeing some transactions & balance really?

Additional security should be applied to transactional services - anything beyond balance and transactions.

Might be a nice to have an option to secure the app - for people who want it, but hope not applied for everyone!


Are there any plans for an Android equivalent? PIN authentication would be great and fingerprint authentication would be awesome :grin: