📰 UK Challenger Bank, Monzo, Chooses AU10TIX BOS 2nd Generation Online ID Authentication & Selfie-to-ID Picture Comparison Services - PRWeb

(Saveen) #1

Press release published today: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/10/prweb13783285.htm

UK challenger bank Monzo Bank (Formerly Mondo Bank) has signed a 2-year contract with AU10TIX to power customer acquisition and fraud protection ID document authentication and selfie-to-ID picture comparison services. Monzo Bank clients can now benefit from a speedier and more streamlined onboarding experience and the most advanced ID fraud and risk protection capabilities.

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Monzo Branches
(Ben Green) #2

Monzo offers a high-tech banking app and credit card.

Well although it’s currently a pre-paid credit card, I don’t think it should state we offer a credit card. Everything else reads fine though.

(Saveen) #3

You’re right, Ben. Well spotted!

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Thanks for posting this, that’s really interesting, just to pick up on a couple of points -

selfie-to-ID picture comparison services

Jonas actually mentioned that Monzo hopes to verify users based on video recordings at a talk a couple of weeks ago & I guess that AU10TIX offers this too. The rationale for video, rather than photo verification, is that it’s possible to photoshop a photo but you’d need pretty decent CGI for video…

sending proof of identity through the post should be a thing of the past", says Tom Blomfield, CEO of Monzo Bank

this solves a pain point that @endoftheQ mentioned here

& I’m sure every other user of a regular bank has experienced! Which is great.

(Josh Bray) #5

The current cards are MasterCard debit cards. Not credit cards.

(Ben Green) #6

Ah! Well I stand corrected then. I wasn’t aware a debit card could be pre-paid.

In either case, the article still shouldn’t state we offer a credit card as that’s misleading.

(Josh Bray) #7

Yeah they are debit cards. Easy way of checking is the hologram on the back of the card. It says debit on my mondo card but for my credit card it just says MasterCard

(Saveen) #8

It seems that Onfido is offering similar services: