My oldAccount

I didn’t realise my old
Account would be closed completely I needed my over draft on my old account till my wages go in my new Monzo account now I’m without any money Lloyds said I need to speak to u about

This is a customer forum, so help you can get here is limited.

If your account has been closed by Monzo, then unfortunately you won’t be able to reopen the account. If you chose to close it, then you will have to reach out to them via email - - and ask them to reopen your account. But this will take a bit of time to action I’d imagine.

What have Lloyds got to do with your Monzo account? :eyes:


Did you CASS to Monzo from Lloyds?

You’ll need to apply for an overdraft with Monzo. There’s nothing anyone here can do.

:eyes: Interesting, you read it as switching to Monzo, I read it as closing away from Monzo. The plot thickens! You’re probably right too, tbf, having re-read the message for a 6th time :stuck_out_tongue:


If you CASS over it does state that your new bank won’t be able to transfer over an overdraft I believe.

Given Monzo are quite conservative with their lending, it would probably be easier to apply for an overdraft from Lloyds.

But they closed their Lloyds account

Oh, so did I.

Still, same would apply really, to apply at another bank. Monzo definitely tell you that they don’t transfer over an overdraft when you CASS to them.

If they need an overdraft and have a Monzo account then just apply. Unless they have been refused one by Monzo, in which case I would suggest, still, to try at another bank. Particularly if they had one previously with Lloyds.

I read it as:

“I didn’t know that when you used the CASS it closed the account you’re moving from. I needed my Lloyds overdraft until my I get my wages paid into Monzo next. I spoke to Lloyds and they said to speak to Monzo”.

So if this is true, you need to wait until your transfer is complete and your Monzo account is open. Then you can apply for an overdraft in app.

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Hi. Going to close this topic as speculation about OP’s situation won’t do anything than spill some more virtual ink and only Monzo themselves can assist, rather than fellow customers here on this public forum

If you no longer have the app access then email