£20 overdraft

I thought you allowed £20 temporary overdraft on all accounts, but my payment was declined.

Also where has the support / chat facility in the app gone to, I cannot find it anywhere and when I select a transaction there is no opportunity to raise a help request in relation to that transaction.

If you can’t solve the problem yourself, you can search contact support in the help tab. The transaction should have a link at the bottom you can press to speak to support if you need to.

From the Home screen, tap on Help
In the Help screen, in the search box type ‘Contacting support’
In the ‘Chat with us’ section, tap on ‘chat with us in the app’

The free £20 buffer was removed in April.

You would have been given a notification in app about the changes.

Also just to point out, if you didn’t have an active overdraft with Monzo, your transaction would be declined anyway.

The £20 free buffer meant the first £20 was free, not that everybody received a guaranteed £20 overdraft.


Ok thought that was just about pricing. I don’t remember any clear headline advice that would have made me expect some payments previously honoured to now be declined.

Oh, ok. Thanks. Can we still not get overdrafts on joint accounts?

Not yet

Correct, Monzo still don’t offer overdrafts on joint accounts.

I haven’t heard them mention that they’re working on them either. Fingers crossed they do add them in the near future though :crossed_fingers:.

Ok thanks

Why do you need help with that transaction? You didn’t have enough money, so Monzo didn’t allow you to make it.

If you still wish to make it you have two options. Either put some money into your account, or apply for an overdraft.

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To answer your question I don’t of course OP - “…I thought you allowed £20 temporary overdraft on all accounts,…” This was a mistaken thought on my part and a few people put me right on this a while ago, for which I thanked them.

I don’t have the overdraft application option because it’s a joint account.

The other part of the question was about the app chat, which if I am not mistaken is now less straight forward to reach than it used to be and which has also been very kindly answered, for which I was thankful.



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