Monzo wont let me pay them back

I had set up an overdraft last summer to tie me over when I was moving between jobs. I am only just in a position to pay this back. I checked my monzo app (no notifications) and when i tired to transfer the money from another bank account it wouldnt let me.

I checked the chat and discovered a number of messages from ‘Craig’ telling me my account has been closed and I have 28 days to repay the debt of the overdraft. This was received initially on 5th March, but as I said I received no notification (or even an email?!) and now it is 27th March. I have until April 2nd to make the repayment before I am reported to the credit companies.

I called Monzo to resolve this and I was not given any information other than it was reported to their debts team who would be emailing me in a ‘couple of days’ and monzo was unable to say that if these ‘couple of days’ ran over the 28 day period that I was given, if this would still incur a report to the credit companies.

I have the funds ready to be sent and just require information as to where to send them. I need help.

Hi @jrdc. I this case I would try and email them on with the email address attached to the account you used and explain the situation . I don’t think there is much else you can do if you have already called I am afraid

There is also a phone number i believe on the back of your debit card you can ringto get this sorted

0800 8021 281
+44 20 3872 0620

Oops missed this part… my bad

I was worried about this. Thank you, I’ll try there too. I’ve sent messages on the app as well to no response. I’m really starting to panic here.

Don’t forget to mark your in app chat as urgent and you should get a reply fairly quick.

In the mean time I’d be looking at your notification settings for all your apps to see why you’ve missed so many. Just in case similar happens with another.


What do you mean it wouldn’t let you transfer money in from another bank? If you put in your account details and sort code into your other banks app or website, it should let you send the money over instantly.

Oh if you still have in app chat mark all queries as Urgent if you can. Hope you get this sorted :+1:

Hi Jared,

Hopefully you can get this sorted - and we will try to help where we can.

Can you give some more information on what the terms of your overdraft was? How much did you agree/ did you go over that?

I think it sounds like they’ve blocked or closed his account and so I don’t think any money can be moved in or out.

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I would take screenshots and date time snaps of all this.

Always good keeping a trail you fall back on.

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This means you would have been unable to use your account for the past 22 days, right? Did you not use the account?

I had this issue with Starling, took me nearly 3 months to get resolved :frowning: