Push notification when you first go into overdraft


Quick piece of feedback: would be nice to have gotten a notification when I first went into overdraft. I only realised that I needed to top up the account when I got a “May overdraft fees” notification telling me I’d been in overdraft for most of May.

(It’s obvious if you open the app, but I often I long periods without opening the app, relying on push notifications to tell me if anything’s happened).


Did you not get a top up to avoid charges with the notification that took you into your overdraft?

Emma’s* saved me from unexpected overdraft fees a few times by alerting me that I’ve gone slightly overdrawn. I haven’t had the “top up” message since having the overdraft. That said, I have had the “there’s direct debits coming out tomorrow message” - but that’s not overly helpful as quite often I have funds coming in that offset it so there’s a bit too much “cognitive load” for me, there…

*Emma the app, not the amazing @Rat_au_van. Although I’m sure she’d help if she could.


Interesting, I’ve definitely had the notification before that told me I’d be into the overdraft. I did it on purpose to see if it happened. I’ll try and find the post related to it.

EDIT: Found where I mentioned it: Announcing the Overdrafts Preview!

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I am quite willing to provide the Irish mammy version for a hugely inflated price.
Notifications include “did you remember to turn the immersion off?” And “steady now, you’re spending money like it’s water”.

OP, if you didn’t get the notification it might be worth reinstalling the app or speaking to COps


Did you not get a top up to avoid charges with the notification that took you into your overdraft?

It’s very possible the tx that took me into overdraft did say that and I just didn’t notice (or just swiped it away based on the title without reading the body). If that’s what’s supposed to happen, then seems mostly likely that it did.

Sorry for the noise then, thanks all.


No need to apologise. It’s worth mentioning these things. Monzo learn.


No need to - just shows that there’s more that can be done, like adding current balance to spending notifications.


Or, as requested here

… be able to set any warning amount (not just £0 left) in the account