New - Overdraft Notifications 🔔

Just had the below email come through.

Great to get toggleable options for this to help me keep on top of stuff :innocent:


But i’m pretty sure that the fee free buffer is going to be gone when they change to APR pricing rather than the 50p per day pricing.

Must be a tempory measure.

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Just received this email, good to see that Monzo are adding more granular configuration options for notifications.


I beat you to it by a few seconds :trophy: :wink:

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I’ll get these threads merged :+1:t2:


Yeah must be temporary not that I’ve used the buffer free overdraft I think it was a good safety net personally :-1: would be good to keep it! I mean specially for the Sale of £10 or £20

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Does “limit” mean arranged overdraft or ..?

This looks great (I don’t have/use overdraft but for those that do, great!!).

Question: I don’t recall much noise on the forum about this, which begs the question, why did Monzo add it? Again, lack of visibility/roadmap. I’m sure this functionality is welcomed by many, but was it the highest priority piece of work?

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I’d imagine that it was added because of Monzo’s changes to their overdraft pricing and the need to give users tools that enable them to manage their overdrafts more carefully.

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I imagine that too, but just hadn’t seen/heard any chat about it which is a bit unusual? Oh well. Good to see they are still improving things bit by bit (byte by byte?)

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I haven’t received this email, is it only sent to users with existing overdrafts?

I’ve got it and no overdraft in my case @Reena. R-

Mine used to go into my spam folder - check there :slight_smile:


I wish I could get a bloody overdraft!

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I’m working on overdraft eligibility right now, can you send me an email at with your email address.

I naturally can’t promise anything and can’t look into all individual cases but I’ll try and look into your case.

We had to make some changes to these alerts to comply with new FCA rules and used that as an opportunity to overhaul the systems that send them and give customers more options to customise them.



Sorry, sloppy wording. I’m trying to say if lots of other people email me I won’t be able to look into all of these.

We will hopefully have a lot more info in the app about eligibility soon.


Does your credit score have to be over a certain number to be eligible. Any guidelines on what to aim for?