Outgoing Payments Notifications


So today about 8:15 oday I had a notification to say X amount is going out tomorrow and you only have X in account and to move some money from pots.

This is a good feature, however it needs to be completed at say 10am, as the system I belive generally takes until 9am to see payments due in next day also (unless weekend 3 days prior).

9am system checks you have X amount coming in next day if any
10am (if required) system sends notification saying you need to add funds



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I may be wrong but I think they hear about direct credits and direct debits in the same file :thinking:

I’ve certainly had my salary show up at 8:30am before

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Aye, I’ve had warning notifications about not having enough money despite my incoming salary also being the next day and already showing in my feed.

May well be from 8:30am checked my phone as 08:50 and showed X incoming tomorrow.

It only made the notification in relation to the SO I have going out tomorrow and not the actual pot transfers going out either?

My income didnt show until around 8:50 when I checked my phone could have been earlier, but wasnt there at 08:15 :wink:

Yeah that’s around the time they usually show up in the feed. They need to do as you suggested and wait until the following day’s payments are all lined up, and then check if a notification should go out.

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I have a feeling the notification pre-dates the pending Salary then.

Maybe it hasn’t been adjusted

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Why does it not include scheduled pot payments either? (I assume its cause it is internal)


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It’s already been acknowledged elsewhere that since they don’t ‘add multiple outgoing payments together and notify on the total’ this function already doesn’t work well so I’d hope all of this will be taken into account when the functionality is overhauled.

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