Notification when incoming payment from savings pot clears


I did search and couldn’t find any other topic about this which surprises me.

When you withdraw money from a savings pot, such as a Cash ISA, it clears the next working day.

As soon as you request it, it lists it under “Tomorrow” as incoming payments like salaries do.

However there is no notification when the incoming funds finally clear.

This leaves me in a situation where I need to check manually. And the last time I had to routinely check my balance like that was with my legacy bank :wink:

Is there a particular reason why no notification is sent for this, and could it please be considered for the future?

Are there usually notifications when scheduled pot transfers happen?

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I haven’t actually done any scheduled pot transfers before.

If they don’t, then they should. If they do, then external incoming pot transfers should too.

Just seems out of character to not be notified about balance changes.


Completely agree.


This would be a great feature. Especially considering the payment varies wildly from the time it says it’s going to be available…


Are there any updates on this?

As someone who is routinely moving money it would save a lot of manual checks.

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Just bumping this feature request. I think it would be really useful.

This would be useful :+1:

Hi Marcus @nexusmaniac

Coming up just shy on two months since you gave the lovely update above on this.

Anything more to share on both the savings pot notification and also on the general tidy up? Cheers

Heya :smiley:

We agree this would make an excellent feature and it is something that should be simple to implement in the future :tada: (no timeframe on this though :pray:)

As for the tidy-up, this has been a piece of ongoing work since my original post :grin:

We’ve not got some little insights housed in the upcoming withdrawal screen :+1:

And we’ve recently tweaked the info you see when you swipe over to a Pot :honey_pot:

At the top, you’ll see: The name, type of Pot, amount, goal.

Also, when closing Savings Pots you’ll see some nice tweaks to the wording when you close (or go to close) a Savings Pot or a Bills Pot :raised_hands:

EDIT: Clarification for ‘dark mode’ : Dark Mode

(Dark Mode isn’t here yet, apologies if I got anyone’s hopes up too soon :pray:)


Dark mode :eyes:

Looking forward to seeing how this looks in app

urrm, were you supposed to share that screenshot?

I mean, i’m not complaining, it’s got me very excited

I never even noticed that until you pointed it out!

@nathanthomson8 @Addzy @krr13

I’ve updated my post to clarify this dark mode is an imposter, forced by Android 10’s debugging settings / the built in “force dark mode” feature :pray:


With plus now being here im sure alot of people are closing their third party savings pots.

This would be really helpful to know when the money hits your account :eyes:

Hi @nexusmaniac

Just following up on this, anything more you can share? Or have you moved on from the pots realm now.