other option for jobs when signing up account

Issue: When signing up, its hard to tell my job (this is for my dads account and he is a chaplain, was hard to find any option that was close) also crematorium assistant had a typo and was cematorium assistant

Details to reproduce: sign up with new account, try to enter chaplain? where does it go? try finding “crematorium” notice it says cenatorium
OS: unsure,
Device: iphone 7(?)
App Version: unclear

Screenshots: saw on dads phone

I don’t think it matters what you pick as I think they more care about the income being correct. I put down customer service, when I work as an IT analyst

if it doesn’t matter, we should get rid of it, and if it does we should make it work. one of the good things about monzo is how transparent they are and how easy to use they are, asking pointless questions is neither transparent or easy to use


I can rarely find my job whenever a website/app/bank asks and invariable just select something like “manager”. I kind of assumed that they care about some jobs more than others. Like how car insurance companies see you as higher risk if you work in the motor industry.

So if they don’t have my job I’m (possibly naively) ok with it.

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i can never find my job either on most things as its specialised property manager is the closest i can get at times but it dosnt quite fit

For what it’s worth my job never comes up on those sort of things. I just put consultant

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does monzo ever reply to these threads? I think if this is a common enough issue, they should remove this from the on enrolment flow or be transparent about why - i dont think i answered these questions when i signed up

if they are skippable we should have a skip option too. we shouldnt settle for bad questions, monzo can be better