Employment for health and social care


I was updating my details within the Monzo app. When I added my employment status under health and social care I noticed my profession was missing from the list. I’m an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP). We are a small but vital cohort of practitioners that look after patients as they travel through the peri-operative (surgery) setting. We are often overlooked as registered allied health professionals and I would really appreciate my favourite bank including us in the list of professions.



Hi. Welcome.

I would imagine it’s a very general list, it’s been a long while since I looked, but it’s not going to be logical to have every single title for everyone on there.


You basically choose the nearest matching on the list, it doesn’t need to be an exact fit

It’s generalised, but from what you’ve explained your role is, it falls within that category :blush:

Thanks for the responses. I only mention it because many of the other allied health professions are listed distinctly. But yes I will have todo this I suppose :slight_smile:


Yeah my role doesn’t exist on these sort of forms either, I normally choose IT Consultant or something similar :slight_smile:

From memory the Monzo list was a bit odd and didn’t feel particularly British.

There’s an important point here about inclusivity in the first post here. People’s professions, trades or jobs are important to them, and seeing them properly realised in lists like this both improves accuracy and makes the customer feel more valued.

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mines isnt on most lists either i have to choose housing manager which is nothing like i do lol

I didn’t even realise this was something we could update?