Other Account In Monzo Imbalance

Has anyone ever had an issue where the balance of another account does not match the transactions?

I have a relatively new HSBC credit card and I have it connected in Monzo.

I have made only 48 transactions and at transaction level when I compare Monzo to HSBC its all matching - but the Monzo balance shows £52.00 higher than the true balance in HSBC.

I’ve double, triple checked and the line level transactions are all perfect - Monzo is literally just showing an incorrect total.

I have disconnected and reconnected HSBC to Monzo and that did not help.

Is the £52 still pending in hsbc?

Have the same with Tesco, Monzo feed is better as it shows you pending transactions in the balance. These are often hidden on the actual provider until they’re charged.

Compare the balance showing in Monzo with your available balance in HSBC. Monzo uses this rather than the cleared balance.

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