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I have a question, I wasn’t sure where to put it so hope this is the right place. It isn’t a problem and I don’t think it is a bug either…

In the HSBC app when you make a purchase on Amazon (as an example) the value of the transaction appears in ‘pending transactions’ if you view the HSBC feed in Monzo the transaction appears without and additional clarity around that transaction state is that the way it is supposed to work? Is the transaction state even available via the OpenBanking API that is being used?


Current Balance £180.26 with the £16.49 transaction pending HSBC show the available balance as £163.77 but the cleared balance is showing as £180.26

HSBC In Monzo

Current balance is showing as £163.77 the £16.49 transaction shows in the feed. £163.77 + £16.49 equals £180.26 which is showing in the HSBC app.

I suppose the way Monzo have implemented this makes sense but having it differ between the two apps is a little bit confusing, I have always said I prefer the way Monzo do it in the sense that the transaction even if it is pending should be deducted from the balance but HSBC don’t do that until the transaction is cleared.

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That’s interesting.

I’m not sure if it is a universal thing as to whether or not pending status is provided via API. But I certainly have accounts from other banks from which pending status is returned and shown in the aggregator I use.

Not sure about HSBC as I don’t use it often enough but I suspect it is returned and Monzo feel its better to use the concept they use in the Monzo account (i.e. ignore the pending status and always treat the transaction as posted).

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Having not tried it, I was wondering if the pending transactions were shown or not so thanks for the answer, even if it wasn’t why you posted this!

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

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