My account shows roughly 23 pounds less than i should have

Hi all. I have monzo plus. Everytime i add money from my santander account there is always a portion , roughly 23 pounds that is not available to me. Why is this ! Thanks in advance for any help

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The figure in orange is just a prediction.

It uses your budgets, upcoming direct debits etc to roughly work out if you will have enough money until your next payday.

Your actual balance is the top large number in black and this balance is always available to you regardless of the predicted figure below it.


If you’ve got a direct debit, standing order or scheduled transfer out then this is taken into account. If you mark an outgoing transaction as recurring then this will be factored in, even if it doesn’t happen.

(for the bottom figure)

£27.58 is the difference.

Do you have any direct debits for that amount?

If you head to payments and then tap scheduled, you’ll most likely find amounts in there that match the difference.

You can remove them from committed spends by tapping the merchant and switching off repeating payment if you don’t think it’s right, otherwise it factors these in assuming it’s a monthly payment type such as Netflix or Amazon

Thank you x

Thanks! Xx