Ordering online - is county important?

Hey sorry for the basic question but I just purchased something online and forgot to add the county and only put the house number. Street name, area name and postcode

All they need is the house number and the postcode right ?

I’ve emailed the company hoping they can rectify this

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I doubt it, but it depends where you ordered from - emailing the company is the right thing.

If it’s a UK based company, chances are they’ll assume UK shipment, if not, they’d probably just end up contacting you for more info. :+1:


It will be fine. Postcode is most important.


In most cases, yes. Some houses do share the same number and postcode, with the only difference between street name. Country usually (definitely if it’s a U.K. based company) doesn’t matter so long as the rest of your address is correct.

As someone who has also made this mistake a few times, you’d be surprised. I’m not sure if the issue is automation, or if people just don’t check, but I had an item dispatched once where the only field I had filled in was the street name. No house number or postcode. I noticed my error immediately and emailed but they didn’t realise until after it had been posted. :man_shrugging:


Nice one guys

It wasn’t a mandatory field so hopefully ok fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


As others have said, as long as you gave the house number, street and postcode, it’ll be fine.

The best thing to do though is use the address details provided here: https://www.royalmail.com/business/find-a-postcode as Royal Mail don’t use county, instead they use post town.


You don’t need to cross them, there is nothing to worry about. Even if it was a mandatory field and you put the wrong county, it would still get to you from the postcode and door number.

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