Address Issues on post from Monzo

So Monzo post doesn’t include my village on my post from them, even though I can see it on the screen with the App.

I can’t find a way to speak to an Agent to talk about this. I upgraded to plus and my card was sent to another house with the same name, thankfully they dropped it over.

I had the same problem with my Plus card

Pointed it out to the COp and was told it was ‘strange’

Guessing no more investigations were done

Search ‘contact support’ in the help section

Thanks, I’ve left a message. I’ll see what they say.

To put your mind at rest, it doesn’t really matter. All that’s required are the house number or name and the postcode.

Normally I would agree but in this case it did, as the post was mis posted and had to be reposted

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